Our Journey


Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash


It all started when…

We became friends while completing our undergraduate degrees at the University of Guelph. Through a shared desire to work with children with various abilities, we both decided to pursue masters degrees in occupational therapy. 

We began our professional careers in different areas of occupational therapy. However, an opportunity presented itself to live our passion by working with children together as occupational therapists and group assists at My Place Learning Centre. Our roles at the Centre led to:

  • Children demonstrating reduced negative behaviours

  • Increased participation in groups and 1:1 therapy

  • Beneficial sensory strategies and equipment recommendations

  • Increased independence and skills in pre-printing, printing, and fine motor skills

  • Heightened social and emotional regulation skills

  • Greater success in self-care activities, etc.

During the spring of 2018 we co-founded Kids Dream Big. We held a shared vision to be able to provide occupational therapy services in clients’ homes and serve individuals in a broader geographic range.

We have worked with children and youth in various volunteer and professional pursuits, assisting them to achieve their goals to complete daily activities that are meaningful to them. We are very passionate about working with children with all different abilities and enabling them to complete meaningful activities.